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TRUMPET DUET - "The Star Spangled Banner"  Click on this link to watch my YouTube Video for this trumpet duet.  You can download the sheet music to this duet by clicking on the link in the INFO section below the YouTube screen.  HERE IS THE LINK.

The Battle Hymn Of The Republic --- PDF File --- Midi File

The trumpet is one of the most popular instruments in general when talking about brass instruments.  The B flat trumpet is the most common trumpet.  However, some trumpet players also own a C trumpet.

The trumpet is constructed of brass and has many spirals.  A sound is produced on the trumpet by blowing air through closed lips and pushing air through the lips and creating a vibrating buzzing sound with the lips.  Different notes can be produced on the trumpet by tightening or loosening the lips, which is referred to as the embouchure.  Modern trumpets have three piston valves, each of which increases the length of the tubing when pressed down, which in turn lowers the pitch of the sound coming from the trumpet.  The first valve lowers the trumpet pitch by a whole step.  The second valve lowers the trumpet pitch by a HALF step.  The third valve when pressed down lowers the trumpet pitch by one-and-a-half steps.


William Tell Overture ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

Toreador March from CARMEN ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

Melodic Line from CARMEN ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

March Triumphant from AIDA ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

The Barber Of Seville ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

Overture 1812 ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

Bugle Call - To The Colors ---- PDF File ---- Midi File

The Star Spangled Banner --- PDF File ---- Midi File

Watch My YouTube Video Of A Trumpet Duet I Wrote.  You can download and print up the music of this duet in the link just below the YouTube screen.  Please give he video a Thumbs UP and make a comment.  This is a great trumpet duet to play in church:  "Come Thou Almighty King".


1.  Jingle Bells - PDF Sheet Music File KEY of F for easier trumpet playing.

PDF Sheet Music File for key of A



2.  Below is a trumpet solo called Los Recuerdos.



 Open up and print the sheet music:  PDF file.
Listen to the midi audio file of Los Recuerdos




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