The common feature found in the stride piano style is the left hand pattern of a consistent bass single note or octave followed by a left hand chord.  This left hand pattern supports the right hand melody.  The right hand melody may be single notes or stacked notes.  A lot of styles implement the stride technique which include gospel, country, boogie woogie, jazz, and ragtime.  Actually ragtime came first, then the STRIDE technique came afterwards which borrowed heavily from stride.

The stride is difficult for beginners because it requires your left hand to travel long distances along the piano keyboard.  However, with practice you can acquire this skill and use it effortlessly.

The first thing to learn is to simply get your left hand moving.  Take a C major chord in the left hand, and we will start with a left hand octave C.  Next, jump your left hand up to C major chord.  Then use your left index finger to play the single note G which is the 5th note of a C major scale.  Finally, jump your left hand back up to the C major chord.  Just do this over and over until you can do it with your EYES CLOSED.

1.  Stride Piano Exercise # 1:  PDF File   MIDI File

2.  Stride Piano Exercise # 2:  PDF File   MIDI File

3.  Stride Piano Exercise # 3: PDF File   MIDI File

4.  Stride Piano Exercise # 4: PDF File   MIDI File

5.  Stride Piano Exercise # 5: PDF File   MIDI File

6.  Stride Piano Exercise # 6: PDF File   MIDI File

7.  Stride Piano Exercise # 7: PDF File   MIDI File

8.  Stride Piano Exercise # 8: PDF File   MIDI File

9.  Stride Piano Exercise #9:  Mary Had A Little Lamb PDF File   MIDI File
Make sure that you use the sustain pedal on this song to keep the
left hand chords ringing.  Let up on sustain pedal when you change
chords and then bring it back down for the new chord.

10.  Stride Piano Exercise #10:  God Is So Good   PDF File   Midi File
Again, use the sustain pedal in order to make this song sound smooth.

11.  She Caught My Eye:  Ragtime - Stride Piano Solo For INTERMEDIATE level piano
students.  PDF File    Midi File

12.  Study In E Minor - "Secrets".  This short stride song will help you to develop a longer stride in your left hand.  PDF File.  Watch YouTube Video Of This Song Below

13.  Watch this video I put up on YouTube demonstrating the basic left hand technique for stride and ragtime piano.  CLICK HERE.  Click here to download the sheet music that I demonstrated on this YouTube video:  PDF File          Midi File

14.  Watch this video on practicing the stride using a simple 5 note scale.  Click on LINK to watch this on YouTube.  Download the PDF file of the sheet music used on this video.  Listen to the midi audio file of this exercise.

15.  Watch this video on using a walkdown with the stride.  Click on LINK to watch the video.  Download the PDF file of the sheet music used in the video.  Listen to the midi audio file.


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