I've got a river of life flowin' out of me.
Makes the lame to walk and the blind to see.
Opens prison doors, sets the captives free.
I've got a river of life flowin' out of me.


Spring up Oh Well.
Within my soul.
Spring up Oh Well
And make me whole.
Spring up Oh Well
And give to me
That life abundantly.


The lyrics of this song should be fairly easy to memorize.  The words rhyme well, and they follow a logical order.  The chorus uses the expression Spring up Oh Well 3 times.

Let's start out with learning the basic melody.  Open up this pdf file to get the music notation, lyrics, and chords of this song.  Listen to the midi file of the simple melodic line.  As you listen to it sing along with your now printed sheet music.  MIDI FILE

Next, let's have you listen to this song played with a piano accompaniment pattern backing up the trumpet playing the melody.  This piano accompaniment pattern is a rock and roll pattern.  Some rock and roll patterns sound good for certain kinds of gospel songs.  Spring Up Oh Well is obviously one of those kinds of songs.  MIDI FILE OF ROCK ACCOMPANIMENT PATTERN.

Now, print up the music notation of the above arrangement of this well known gospel song.  Click open this PDF File.  Once you have it printed, go back and listen to the midi file and sing along with it.

Well, its' time to have you to look at some of the details of this song.  Let's start first with the right hand chords.  The main chord is an F6 chord.  It is played in the "sandwich" position.  Click here to get a graphic diagram of the right and chords.

You can also click onto this WORD DOC to get the same graphic diagram of the right hand chords.

Click here to get a diagram of the left hand rock and roll accompaniment pattern.

Here is a WORD DOC of the left hand rock and roll comp pattern.

When you play the left hand rock and roll pattern, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you slide your middle finger from Eb to E.  Just slide your middle finger off the E flat black key onto the the E natural white key.  If you do not use a sliding motion, then you will have trouble playing this pattern in a swing fashion.

The same applies to the left hand pattern for a F chord.  Your middle finger needs to slide from G# or Ab (same black key) onto the the A natural white key.