This is a children's Sunday school song that I wrote based upon Genesis, chapter one.  I borrowed from the Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days Of Christmas".  I begin my simple song with the same melodic beginning, but after a few bars my song goes in a little bit different direction in order to keep it easy to sing for children.

This song demonstrates the idea of borrowing from public domain songs to create a new song.  Many of the classical masters borrowed from each other in the form of themes, arrangements, and chord structures.  Today you have to be very careful about borrowing from other songs because of copyright laws.  However, it is perfectly legal to borrow from public domain songs as a spring board to create your own song.

Notice in this simple song that I modulate to a different ascending key two times.  This is what you have to do when a song is repetitious.  Also, notice how the ending is separate from the main part of the song which creates a definitive ending.

I want to use this song to teach you a new piano accompaniment pattern.  I call it the "Hiccup" pattern, because as you play a steady beat with the left and right hand chords, you insert a little hiccup note that stands out all by itself which makes the pattern sound like you "skipped" a little bit.

Listen to the Hiccup Pattern as you play this midi file.

Download the Music Notation of the Hiccup Pattern by clicking onto this PDF file link

Below are the lyrics and chords of the song.  Since you probably know the melody to the Christmas song the "Twelve days of Christmas",  you should be able to sing this song as you play the midi file.



C                                         G7             C

On the first day of creation God made light,

              F               G7              C

And He said it was good in His sight.


C                                              G7                  C

On the second day of creation God made the waters.

              F       G7          C

He di----vided it by His might.


D                                           A7                 D    

On the third day of creation God made the land,

              G                       A7               D

And the trees, herbs and flowers that stand.


D                                             A7                  D

On the fourth day of creation God made the stars,

              G                  A7                 D

And the sun, and the moon so very far.


E                                           B7                  E

On the fifth day of creation, God made the birds,

              A               B7                    E

And He made them by His spoken Word.


E                                            B7             E

On the Sixth day of creation, God made man,

       A              B7                       E

and woman to love and hold his hand.


E             A               E

And God said it was good.

E              A              E

And God said it was good.

E             A               E         B7        E

And God said it was good.  A--------men.


Feel free to download the Microsoft Word copy of this song and share it with others or use it in your Sunday School class.  This is a copyright free song and royalty free song that I have written for anyone to use.


Below are some interesting links to Creation Science websites.  Back in the 80's I had the opportunity to sit in the offices of Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, and Dr. John Morris and talk to these Ph.D. scientists about the theory of evolution and creation science.

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