Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus


1.  Download and Print music notation of the "chart" using alpha notes:  PDF file

2.  Download and Print music notation ( Alpha Notes) of the arrangement using blocked chords:  PDF file

3.  Download and Print standard music notation of the arrangement using blocked chords:  PDF file

4.  Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial on how to use block chords for "Nothing But The Blood".





This lesson will teach you some variations on the use of the walking bass technique in gospel piano accompaniment style.  The first descending left hand scale does not play the entire scale.  It skips over the G at the very end of the scale.  The idea to learn from this is that when you experiment with these walking bass scales, not all of the notes of the scale will necessarily harmonize with the melody.  You have to experiment and find out which notes of the scale work and which ones do not work.  If you find some notes in the scale that do not work, you can either leave them out of the scale or zip through them by using 8th notes or 16th notes to reach your destination note which is usually the root note of the next chord.  Change up the rhythm of the walking bass, and you might be able to use those scale notes that just don't seem to harmonize.  There's always a way to wiggle around these problems, and the solution is usually a matter of working with the speed and rhythm of the walking bass, or just skipping over the offending note.

Notice at the end of several measures an ascending triad triplet chord is used.  This helps to break up the monotony of playing steady solid chords.  It adds a little color to the musical landscape.  This is a musical device that every piano player should become familiar with.  It can be used effectively in jazz, pop, and in solo piano work.  Listen to any piano player on the radio, and you will inevitably hear this device.  Sometimes, it's not a triplet, but a set of 4 sixteenth notes.  Or, it could be an 8th note followed by a 16th note.  There are all kinds of rhythmic variations of this device.  But, it is a very important concept for you to learn and to practice.

Notice at the halfway point of the song that the left and right hands switch rhythms.  At the beginning of the song, the left hand was keeping a steady beat, and the right hand was simply supplying a little backup chord.  But, at the mid-point of the song, the right hand takes over the job of keeping a steady beat, and the left hand plays harmonic passing tones.

The idea that you need to come away with from this lesson is that you need to have some variety in your use of walking bass lines.  Change things up.  The best place to change is at the mid point of the song.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or 5.0 to open up these music files to get the sheet music.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click over to their website to download it for free.

You can download the sheet music by clicking onto this pdf file link.

You can listen to the music by clicking onto this midi file link.


There is power in the blood of Jesus.  The power is so great that we are told to memorialize it through the Lord's Supper.  Jesus said, "drink this wine which is my blood".  When you remember the shed blood of Christ on the cross you are directly in the Divine protection of Jesus.  Whenever you are confronted by the enemy, think about the shed blood of Jesus on the cross that defeated Satan and his horde of demons.  When you call upon the blood of Jesus to protect you, no demon from hell can penetrate that spiritual blood barrier and attack you.  There is power in the blood of Jesus.  If you have problems with nightmares, call upon the blood of Jesus to cover your mind before you go to sleep.  Whenever you feel oppressed by the enemy, take the Lord's Supper right there in your home.  Take it reverently, and read the appropriate scriptures as you do in order to put your mind in the right light with the Lord.

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