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I give permission to anyone to use these copyrighted compositions for performance, for recoding, for use in music books, or for sharing with others.  The only thing that I ask is that credit is given to me, the author, JOHN AXSOM, of these musical compositions.  These are royalty free compositions, and I hope that my contribution to the world of music has improved someone's knowledge a little bit, by allowing others to use this music freely.


I like most styles of music, so you are going to find songs in a wide variety of styles:  ballads, jazz, Hawaiian, African, Calypso, Folk, Classical, etc.

#1 Landsthul Polka MP3 File
Musical Score To Landsthul Polka PDF File

#2  Calypso Beach MP3 File

# 3 African Journey MP3 File

#4 Chinese Drums MP3 File

#5 Pensive MP3 File

#6 John Coltrane We Miss You MP3 File

#7 To Russia With Love MP3 File

#8 Amazing Grace In Scotland MP3 File

#9 My Tribute To Carlos Montoyo MP3 File
I used to listen to his flamenco guitar records back
in the 1960's and I would try to play what I heard
on my classical guitar.  I never came even close to his
artistry, but I had fun trying to imitate his style.

#10 Rumble Guitar MP3 File
Download The Music and Print it up PDF File
As a teenager back in the 50's and 60's not only did I listen to Carlos Montoyo, but I also listened to the Ventures.  The Ventures still put on concerts to this very day.  They are very popular in Japan. One of my favorite songs by the Ventures was "Walk Don't Run".  Anyhow, I created this little song called Rumble Guitar as a tribute to the influence of the Ventures on my musical perception.

#11 Fusion Guitar MP3 File
Download The Music and Print it up PDF File

This is my interpretation of the James Bond Theme using a Ventures Guitar Type of Band
This is original material, I used the same chord structure but I added a different rhythm and a
melodic line that sounds similar but is actually different when you analyze the music. 

#12  Brass Band Style:  THE OLD RUGGED CROSS MP3 File
Download the Music and Print it up PDF File

#13  German Polka Style:  ROSEBANK POLKA - MP3 File

#14 Calypso Style:  MANGO TREE -  MP3 File

#15 Bossa Nova Style:  THE GIRL FROM CHULA VISTA  - MP3 File

#16:  AMAZING GRACE ( I am singing lead, then harmony, with my electric guitar ) MP3 File

#17:  Joy To The World ( This popular Christmas song was interpreted by me in the style of heavy metal.  It is rhythmic with heavy metal guitars, but it also has a touch of classical style in the melody and harmony.  This arrangement was created by me on the Yamaha PSR 900 keyboard.


Music Videos Below are being re-done for YouTube

#18 The Escape Of James Bond.  This music video was created by me using Sony Vegas Software and the use of the PSR S 900 Keyboard.

#19  THE PLANETS - JUPITER:  This song was composed on the Yamaha PSR S 900 keyboard.  Video was created with Sony Vegas video editing software.


The next movie background composition I created is called
Imperial Death Star Theme.  Click Here for a copy of
the lead sheet music.


The next orchestral composition is called:
"Requiem Dies Irae"


 The video below is a musical composition that tries to capture the essence and feeling about the theme of life after passing away from earth.

The following musical composition is another cinematic musical.  The theme of this orchestration is the historical battle of Marathon between the Greeks and the Persians.  I composed this music thinking that it would work well for such a movie.

I have many more compositions on the way.


John Axsom




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