How To Memorize A Song



There are a few lucky people that can memorize songs quickly with little effort.  If you are like most people and if you are like me, then you also have a hard time memorizing lyrics to songs.  For people like us, it takes work to memorize the lyrics to songs.  But, there are several techniques you can do that will get the lyrics of a song down deep in your memory.  Below are the steps you want to take in order to learn a song quickly.

1.  It will take about one week to secure a song in your mind to the point where you will not drop a single word as you sing the song before an audience.  But, you have to work these techniques everyday for a week.

2.  Let's take a song as an example of this memorization process.  I am working on a song written and sung by Roy Orbison, called "Oh, Pretty Woman".  The first step I take is to get the lyrics and chords from the internet.  Type into your search engine, such as, Google, these keywords:  Oh Pretty Woman, chords, lyrics.  Print up the lyrics and chords.  Make several copies of this CHART.  Always have a copy of the lyrics with you wherever you go for about a month.

3.  Join a music website such as NAPSTER.  You can get a free membership password and I.D. at Napster.  Locate the song on Napster, they will let you play it 3 times for free.  Next, pay Napster 99 cents to download the song into you computer.  Now sing the song with your windows media player supplying the recording of Pretty Woman.  Refer to your lyrics sheet as you sing the song.

4.  Try singing along with Roy Orbison without the lyrics sheet.

5.  Download a midi file of "Oh Pretty Woman".  Type these keywords into a search engine such as
Google:  Oh Pretty Woman midi.

6.  Once you have your midi file of the song in your hard drive, go to My Computer Directory and find the midi file in your FOLDER.  Double click on the midi file, and that will cause Windows Media Player to play the orchestration of the song.  The difference here is that you cannot hear the lyrics sung by Roy Orbison, instead the only thing that you hear is an instrumental.  This is where your memory starts to grow.  Now, you are forced to come up with the lyrics as the midi file is playing only the orchestration.  This is kind of like singing Karaoke, except in this case, you can hear the melody, but not the vocal.  You have to supply the vocal.  But, this is easier than Karaoke because, you can hear the melody line.

7.  Play the chords with your guitar or keyboard only as you play along with Roy Orbison from the sound file you purchased from NAPSTER.  At this point, do not sing with Roy, just be a member of the band and play along with strumming chords...or playing a piano rhythm on the keyboard.

8.  Now, go to GOOGLE-VIDEO.  Type in the keywords:  "Oh Pretty Woman".  Click on the Google Video clip of Roy Orbison performing live on the Ed Sullivan Show his hit song, "Oh, Pretty Woman".  Now, watch Roy perform and sing this song.  Next, keep your eyes on Roy Orbison, and sing right along with him andtry not to use the lyric sheet.

9.  Purchase a CD of Roy Orbison's hits.  Put the CD on your CD player.  Change the mode on the CD player to play "Oh, Pretty Woman" over and over and over...non-stop.  Turn the volume down where you can barely hear it.  Now, keep this song playing in the background while you work on your computer chores such as reading E-mail, working on your web-page, or washing dishes, or cooking in the kitchen, or working in the garage.

10.  Place the portable CD player in your bedroom just before you go to bed at night.  Set up "Pretty Woman on your CD player to play this song over and over again...non-stop.  Turn the volume down to the lowest setting, such as #1.  Place the CD player across the room so that it is far from you, so that you can just barely hear it.  Now, sleep the entire night through with this song going on in the background.  This allows the song to get really deep into your sub conscious mind while your mind is resting at the ALPHA and DELTA levels. 

11.  After completing the following listening exercises I have given you above, you now need to associate the lyrics to muscular movement and conscious thinking.  Get out some paper and pencil and try to the best of your ability to write down the lyrics from total recall.

12.  Look at the lyrics, try to organize the lyrics into verses.  Write in the dynamics of the songs as notes or as guideposts.  Write in how many times the drums play before the guitars come in.  Put a check mark on your paper where the guitar breaks come in.  Write in where the song is sung loud and where it is sung softly.  Make a diagram of this song.  This exercise uses your logic to get a better hold on the song in your mind.

13.  Write down on paper the story that the song is trying to communicate.

14.  Think of your own past experiences and try to see how the song relates to your life.  Play the song on your CD, as the song is being sung by Roy Orbison, visualize in your mind you acting out the lyrics.  See yourself by using fantasy acting out the lyrics.  In other words, fantasize the lyrics in your mind.

15.  Here is your final test of your ability to memorize the song.  With no music playing, with no lyric sheet, repeat the lyrics out loud as though you were reciting a poem.

16.  Sing the song while you accompany yourself on the guitar or keyboard without using music notation or a lyrics sheet.

17.  Practice singing this song 3 times a day with your guitar or piano for a month without any sheet music or lyric sheets.

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