1.  1950's Simple Love Song

2.  Alice In Wonderland - Piano Solo - PDF file of sheet music

Video Performance Below




3.  Study In Chord Substitution and Transition Chords:  Download the pdf file of the sheet music that comes with the jazz chord glossary.  Watch the video lesson on YouTube.

4.  Piano Exercise in Chord Substitution:  Download PDF file of hand out #1.
Download PDF file of hand out #2.  Listen to the lesson on YouTube for this exercise.

5.  Click on this link to practice and play in the Key of E minor.  This is an easy classical song called Walden Pond and is very fun to play.


6.  Click on this link to watch my YouTube tutorial on how to play easy right hand fill ins for your piano solos.  You can download and print up the sheet music to this YouTube video by clicking on the link right below the video screen.