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Jazz Piano Lessons
For Beginners

"Flying Down To San Antone"
Bossa Nova Jazz Tune
Using Jazz Chords



Here is a LINK to one of my Jazz Piano lessons on YouTube.  When the link takes you over to YouTube, you can download and print up the easy to  play piano jazz song.

This next link will take you to a YouTube video that shows you how to play jazz chords with the left hand playing the octave bass root note while the right hand plays a jazz chords.  You will also learn how to improvise with this type of jazz piano technique.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THIS FREE LESSON.  You can download the sheet music to this lesson in the INFO section below the video screen on YouTube.


Jazz musicians play from a CHART.  A chart is sheet music which can be found in a fake book.  However, you are only given the lead melody line, the chords, and the lyrics.  This means you have to provide your own chord runs, color tones, bass lines, and your own rhytms.  In this video I show you how to play piano from a chart.  You can download the chart that I use in this video on the link below the YouTube screen.

Playing jazz piano is a lot of fun because if you know a few extended chords you can sit at the piano all day long and improvise melodies that sound great.  Here's the secret...... when you play diminished 7th chords, you can play just about any white or black key on the piano and it is going to sound good, you don't have to worry about hitting a bad note, because those diminished 7th chords support every key on the keyboard.  That is how jazz musicians are able to spontaneously improvise and just make music up on the spot because their playing is SUPPORTED by DIMINISHED 7th CHORDS.  Let me say it again....those diminished 7th chords make it impossible to hit a bad note on the piano, or trumpet, or saxophone, or flute....and that my JAZZ.  All you have to do is to go beyond your basic 3 note triad chords and start playing chords that have 4 notes to them and you will be off into the world of jazz piano.

Of course, there are more jazz chords than diminished 7th chords, such as a 13th with a sharp 11th.  But, just knowing about those diminished 7th chords can jump start you into instantly playing jazz. now, I shared the FIRST secret of playing jazz with you....NOW...I am going to share the SECOND secret of jazz.  A jazz musician many times will start a song out by playing it straight, BUT....the second time around the jazz musician makes the melody go into a different direction.  When this happens you kind of recognize the melody of the song, but at the same time you realize that the melody is taking on a total different life of its own.  So, how does a jazz musician do this?

ANSWER:  There are various techniques, but let me share with you one of them.  When you begin to play the melody a second time....MOVE the melody note up a third or a fifth....and now play that melody against jazz chords.  Maintain the same basic rhythm, but start changing the rhythm somewhat.  At this point when you play the melody against the jazz chords you are not restrained to play the exact intervals of what the original melody was....BUT can play the melody with different just guessing or estimating....what the original intervals might be between the original notes in the original melody.  It makes NO DIFFERENCE what key you hit on the keyboard or piano, as long as you have an approximate interval and keep the rhythm of the original melody somewhat close to the original song.  However, as you play the song a third now have TOTAL freedom to experiment with intervals that will automatically work as long as they are supported by jazz chords and at this point you can really begin to jazz up the rhythm.....and then when you hit those DIMINISHED 7TH can go off into a musical tangent and play any key on the piano and it is going to sound like JAZZ.  When you end the song slowly go back to the original melody.

JAZZ is easy....if you know the basic rules.  I have over 20 jazz piano books in my musical library and not one of them teaches you this.  I have had to learn these rules by trial and error with no HELP from all the music books I have purchased over the years....and no help from traditional piano teachers.  Most traditional piano teachers do not know how to play jazz.  They can't play anything unless they have traditional sheet music in front of them.  When you learn how to play jazz, you don't really need any sheet music, because you are playing from basic jazz rules that you will learn in my course.  Of course you need the chords of the song, or what jazz musicians call a CHART.  A chart is what you find in fake books.  A chart is just the basic melody, lyrics, and chords.  When you play from a chart you have to make up your own accompaniment patterns, riffs, and ad-libs.  A chart is just a basic outline of the song....that allows you to take your jazz techniques in any direction that you want. can avoid the years of trying to figure out how to play jazz piano by purchasing my ON-LINE Jazz piano course.  These simple rules will be instantly at your finger tips.  You will have on-line access to VIDEO demonstrations of the rules, AND SONGS, pdf sheet music you can print up, right there at the printer in your own home. I have made graphic illustrations so that you can understand the rules for creating extended jazz chords.  All of the sheet music and charts that you can download from this on-line course comes in standard music notation, and in E-Z music notationE-Z music notation is GREAT for beginners because the letter name of each note is embedded in the head of the note.  My on-line piano course is the only course on the internet that uses E-Z music notation along with traditional music notation.  PLUS....I use graphics to teach many musical concepts.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is an example of the many graphics you will get when you purchase my JAZZ PIANO course:  CLICK ON THIS PDF FILE TO GET A COLLECTION OF JAZZ CHORDS FOR THE KEY OF C.  Print up this booklet and it will get you started playing jazz right away.

OK....enough talk about the course.  What you need to do right to go to one of the many lessons I have on-line and try it out for yourself and to prove to yourself that this course will empower you to play jazz piano FREELY.

Here is the link to JAZZ PIANO LESSON # 5 DEMO

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