In this lesson we are going to take a look at this song from two different angles.  The first arrangement shows you how to play this song as a piano solo by mixing the melodic line into Pattern #1.  If you are not familiar with Pattern #1 then you need to go back to the home page and there is a diagram showing you how to play it.  If you play just only Pattern #1 by itself then you only have an accompaniment piano background to sing with, but sometimes, you want to punch in the melody of the song, or you just want to play it as a piano solo.  This pdf file will allow you to print up the music so that you can learn the technique of mixing a melodic line with Pattern #1.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or 5.0 to open up these music files to get the sheet music.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click over to their website to download it for free.

If you want to hear how the music sounds when you mix the melodic line of the song GOD IS SO GOOD with Pattern #1, then click on this midi file.

There are thousands of patterns and techniques that you can apply to any song.  Next, let's look at how this song would look if we applied a three different accompaniment patterns to this song.  PDF FILE

Click on this midi file to hear how the piano accompaniment sounds when using 3 different accompaniment patterns.

Listen to this midi file of just the piano part alone playing these 3 accompaniment patterns.

Download this E-Z music notation of God Is So Good.  This type of music notation is great for beginners or for anyone who has difficulty reading standard music notation.  GOD IS SO GOOD.

Learn How To Do Chord Substitution For "God Is So Good".

1.  Download the worksheet and watch me fill in the substitution chords from the video below.

2.  Download the professional music notation of the substitution chords along with melody and lyrics.

3.  Download a piano solo arrangement using chord substitution theory for God Is So Good.




C              G

God Is So Good.....


God Is So Good....


God Is So Good

            C       G  C

He's so Good to me.


You can vastly improve the sound of songs if you use modern extended chords instead of the simple triad chords.  For example, instead of playing a G major chord, you should try playing a G 9th chord. Download the PDF file of this modern arrangement.  listen to the midi file of this modern arrangement.



Sometimes you can create a new song by using an established song as a vehicle to change the lyrics.  For example, you might change the lyrics in this song to:

I Love Him So.  or change it to:  Jesus loves me so. 
or change it to: God Is So Wonderful.  Or, change it to:  Let's Praise The Lord.

Anyhow, the idea here is to start changing the words.  When you get an entirely new set of words to the song,
then your next step is to create a new melody for the new lyrics, and then you will wind up with a new original song.  Get it copyrighted, send it out to song directors at churches, send it to popular Christian singers and major Christian Publishing Companies, and who knows maybe you will have a winner.  But, I promise you that you will have fun in the process.

Always seek the Lord in the development of a new Christian hymn.  Ask the Lord to give you a song.  Be persistent in asking the Lord.  Look at all the songs that the Lord gave King David in the book of Psalms.


Listen to me sing and using piano accompaniment on
this song GOD IS SO GOOD.

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Watch this video lesson of me showing you how to use arpeggios for soloing and for piano accompaniment on "God Is So Good".  Download the PDF file of this video lesson.  Listen to the midi file.


Using ADVANCED Chords on "God Is So Good".
Download Sheet music Of Advanced Chords:  PDF File
Listen to the midi file of Advanced Chords:  Midi File

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