Polka Music and Yodeling

THE ERIE CANAL:  You can hear me harmonizing with myself by using audio editing software to lay down a vocal lead track, and then coming back to lay down a vocal harmonizing track.  MP3 Audio file.  Download the sheet music - PDF File.  I had a lot of fun singing this song.  I remember singing this as a child in Elementary school.  Bruce Springsteen did a version of this song also.  The Kingston Trio did a comical version of it also.  There are some historical pictures and records about the Erie Canal at this website.  You can find additional lyrics and a simple melodic midi file at this website.

MICHAEL ROW THE BOAT ASHORE:  The Highwaymen made this tune very popular during the early 1960's, of course afterwards, every folk group in the country performed this song.  Here is my rendition of it using the same software and laying down two vocal tracks.  MP3 Audio File.  Download the sheet music from this PDF File link.  You can read about the origins of this song and it's various interpretations at this website.  I think one reason why this song is so popular and universally recognized is because it is so easy to sing, and groups can sing it well.  It has a nice melody that flows well.

In this version of Michael Row The Boat Ashore I used my Tyros 4 keyboard to write this arrangement.  You can download the music to this arrangement.  Here is the YouTube video performance of this unique arrangement.

DARK EYES:  This is a Russian folk song that has been played my millions of musicians over the years.  Listen to Ivan Rebrof sing a fantastic rendition of this famous Russian folk song.  This sheet music arrangement is created with INSTANT READ MUSICAL NOTES.  The letter name of the note is embedded in the head of the note.  This makes it easier to learn how to actually read music notation.  Here is the PDF file of Dark Eyes.  Before you print it up and play it on your keyboard, listen to the midi file first so that you have a good idea of what the song sounds like.

The More We Get Together:   This is a German folk song.  Listen to the midi file.  Print the sheet music from the PDF File.

On The Moscow River With You:  This is an orchestral arrangement that I created to capture the spirit of the Russian culture.  You can watch my YouTube presentation by clicking on the START button below.

You can download the melody to this orchestration by clicking onto this PDF file.

Katya Polka:  This is a fun polka to listen to and to dance to.  The melody is easy to play.  You can watch me play this lively polka on YouTube below.

 You can download the piano solo to Katya Polka by clicking onto this PDF file.  You can also down load the MIDI AUDIO FILE.  Here is a copy of the basic sheet music.


October Fest Polka.  Polkas are the happiest music on earth.  Watch this YouTube video of my original composition:  "October Fest Polka"

You can download the PDF file of the music notation chart of the chords and melody of this polka.  PDF File.

Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen.  This is a very simple folk song that you can play on the piano.  It is written in 3/4 time with no complicated rhythms.  Print up the sheet music as a PDF File.  Listen to the midi file.
I arranged this easy song using the Easy To Read Letter Notes.  Below is a video of me playing this song using a difficult technique called Right Hand Block Chord Style.


You can download the arrangement of this song with the left hand bass pattern for single note melody PDF FILE.  Here is the MIDI FILE of the single note melody with left hand bass pattern.  Also click here for the more complicated arrangement using right hand block chords.  PDF FILE.


Russian Victory Day Song:    Download and print up the music to this song.  PDF File Midi File.  Watch me perform this song on the Tyros 4 keyboard below.


  Wild Wood Flower:  Click onto this link to go over to the Wild Wood Flower webpage.  I have created a number of different arrangement of this folk song using bluegrass piano styles and classical piano styles.  You will learn how to use the guitar hammer on technique on your piano to make your piano sound "folksy".

Santa Lucia:  This is a Neopolitan folk song that has been translated into many languages over the years.  Click on this link to download the PDF File of this song.  Click on this link to watch the performance of this song on YouTube.

Irish Jig:  I composed this Irish sounding tune using Finale software.  You can download the sheet music as a PDF file.  You can listen to the midi audio file.  I also have a video on YouTube that demonstrates how I can add drums and effects to this composition by transfering the midi audio file to the Tyros keyboard.