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You will get all of the following courses when you sign up for the SECRET WEBSITES for ONLY $20

This is a growing website of links.  Everyday I put up
brand new piano lessons.  Once you get the links, you
will never run out of lessons:  Video Lessons, PDF
Sheet Music To print up, MP3 files, midi files,
graphics, explanations, and illustrations.

Details Below On The Content
Of The Secret Websites

 "Piano Tricks", The $20 Secret Website has video instructions on all kinds of piano tricks such as single hand glissandos, double hand glissandos, slip notes, grace notes, adding bass runs, adding color tones to chords, chord substitution, ad-libing, supporting right hand melody notes with harmony notes in the right hand, fill-ins, turn arounds, voicing in 4ths, modulation, how to create fantastic intros and endings for your songs, Inversions, how to use dynamics, slash/chords, counter melodies, syncopation to spice up the melody.....and many more piano tricks.  Not only do you get video instruction in these piano tricks but you can also download the sheet music and download the midi file.
"75 Easy Piano Patterns for Piano Accompaniment"  When you order the $20 Secret Website links you will get the basic 75 easy to play piano accompaniment patterns.  You can download each pattern and print up the pdf file.  You can download the entire pattern book in PDF format.  You can listen to each pattern in the midi audio format.  You can watch a video clip of each pattern.  You can listen to an MP3 audio file of the pattern used in a professional orchestration.  This MP3 file helps you to see the potential of the pattern and how you can use it when you play in a band or back up a singer at church.

Beginner's Black Gospel Piano Patterns for Piano Accompaniment"   When you order the $20 Secret Piano Websites LINKS, you will learn how to get that soul gospel sound for church piano work.  You can print up the patterns from the pdf files, watch the video clips, and download the midi files.

 "Amazing Grace Piano Study"   When you order the $20 Secret Website course, you will have access to the Amazing Grace Piano Study Course where you can watch video clips of different ways to play Amazing Grace.  This course starts you out with beginner's instructions and then leads you to advanced styles of playing this song.  Video clips, midi, pdf files of sheet music.

"Row, Row, Row Your Boat Piano Study" In this course, you take one simple song that has only ONE chord in it and you practice singing this song while playing a piano accompaniment pattern.  There are over 15 different piano accompaniment patterns you can use to play back up as you sing this song.  Having only one chord to deal with makes it easier to sing and play the piano at the same time.

"Basic Piano Blues Study" When you get the links to the Secret Websites, you will have lessons that teach you how to play blues style on the piano.  You will learn blues riffs, blues scales, and blues chords, and blues progressions.  You will have pdf files to print the easy to read music notation, and you will have midi files to listen to.
"3/4 Time Piano Accompaniment Patterns" This course allows you to download and print up the book that shows you how to play accompaniment patterns for songs written in 3/4 time.  PDF file.
"Rhythm 101   (HOW TO COUNT MUSIC) plus book and audio cassette tape. 
"How To Insert A Melody Line Into An Accompaniment Pattern" There are hundreds of "comp" patterns, and you can learn how to insert the melody line into the accompaniment pattern and thereby create a piano solo.
"Beginning Country Piano"  In this course you will learn the country twang, country slip notes, country grace notes, country turn arounds, and country left hand patterns, and country accompaniment patterns.
"Easy 2 and 3 chord songs" There are thousands of 2 and 3 chord songs you can play on the piano by using accompaniment patterns"   The songs have lyrics and chords, and you can hear me using the accompaniment patterns on the MP3 audio files.
"Greensleeves-A Progressive Piano Study".  In this piano course you will learn to play Greensleeves in the simplest arrangement possible, and then each lesson the song will add new left hand patterns and harmonies.
"Silent Night - Piano Study".   The silent night piano study is similar in format as the Greensleeves study.  You will learn to play a very simple arrangement of Silent Night, then newer and more difficult piano tricks will be added to each new lesson on "Silent Night".
"Play Piano Songs By The Numbers".  All of the fingers of the right and left hand are assigned a number.  Just knowing that the thumbs are #1, the index fingers are #2, the middle fingers are #3, the ring fingers are #4, and the pinky fingers are#5...allows you to play hundreds of simple melodies.
"Rock and Roll Piano Patterns for piano accompaniment".  This is a collection of Rock and Roll piano patterns that use the 7th of the chord.
"Play the Piano Like The Guitar"   Piano patterns are just like guitar patterns.  Guitar players have been playing finger and strumming patterns for years and years, but for some reason most piano players have never figured this out.  But, this lesson series will reveal this secret to you.
"Piano Lesson #1" This lesson series takes the absolute beginner to the very beginning of learning the first 5 notes of the C major scale and how to count basic quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes.

"Piano Lesson #2"  This lesson series takes off where Piano Lesson #1 stopped.  In this series the absolute beginner will learn the rest of the notes of the C major scale:  A, B, and the octave C.  In addition for complex counting rhythms are introduced such as 8th notes.
"Piano Lesson #3" This series takes the beginning student into the notes used frequently by the left hand.  The beginner will explore the left hand bass notes starting with middle C, B, A, G, and F.
"Piano Lesson #4" In series #4, the beginner learns to coordinate the left and right hands by playing simple folk songs.  16th notes are introduced in this lessons and notes that go 2 octaves below and above middle C are presented.

"Keyboard Geography" In this series the beginner is taught how to analyze scales and chord patterns in terms of steps, intervals, and octaves.
"Gospel Piano"  There are many gospel songs located throughout the secret websites written for all levels of piano playing.
"Amazing Grace Piano Study" In this piano study the student starts out with just a simple one note arrangement of Amazing Grace.  But, each following lessons newer ideas are introduced.  In this step by step lesson on Amazing Grace the student will learn how to play it using Rock style, Black Gospel Style, Jazz Style, and many other piano styles.
"Jewish Praise and Worship Music"  Jewish sounding songs are very popular in many praise and worship churches. In this series the student will learn many songs with the Jewish beat and sound.
"How To Read Piano Music"  There are many lessons through out this secret website collection that teach the student how to read standard music notation, dynamics, and to learn music terminology.
 "Anyone Can Play Boogie Woogie Piano Style"  Boogie Woogie is the only style of piano playing that will stop people in their tracks to stand and focus on your playing because it has a real strong beat that is hypnotic that will get people to tap their feet and snap their fingers as you play.  Every entertainer must know how to play boogie woogie.  There is a large selection of boogie woogie lessons and songs in the secret website section.
"Fur Elise Piano Course" - In this course you can download the entire arrangement of Fur Elise in Easy To Read Letter Notes.  You can hear the midi files.  I will be adding video clips of this song to the course in the near future.

 "HOW TO PLAY MOONLIGHT SONATA"Everyone wants to play Moonlight Sonata, well it is possible now when you purchase the Secret Websites for only $20.  This wonderful song is broken down to you measure by measure.  There are graphic pictures of each measure.  There are Easy To Read music notation.  There are midi files for you to listen to, and video clips for you to watch.  You can download the pdf file of the song and print it up.

"PRAYER CHORDS FOR THE CHURCH PIANO PLAYER"  Have you noticed at church that when the pastor is praying the piano player is playing soft background chords that add a lot to the atmosphere of worship.  Only experienced church pianist know how to do this.  Not even classically trained piano players now how to do this.  It is a secret.  I have asked many church piano players to show me how they do this, and they all turn me down.  They give the excuse that they just do it and that they can't explain it.  I have learned the secret.  These are special 5 note chords, and the progression is simple.  But, you have to know which 5 notes to play in your right hand to get this worshipfully chordal effect.  You will learn this at the secret website.
"JAZZ PIANO LESSONS" There is a large collection of lessons starting out with jazz piano lessons for beginners that lead up to lessons for intermediate piano students.  You will learn about "fat" chords, extended chords, chord substitution, and transition chords.  There are many simple and intermediate jazz songs for you to learn and to enjoy.



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