All My Trials

"All My Trials" is a spiritual based on a Bahamian ( Bahamas Islands ) lullaby that tells the story of a mother on her death bed, comforting her children, "Hush little baby, don't you cry./You know your mama's bound to die," because, as she explains, "All my trials, Lord,/Soon be over." The message that no matter how bleak the situation seemed, the struggle would "soon be over"

  This spiritual has been recorded by Peter, Paul, and Mary - Pete Seeger - Paul McCartney, and various folk groups down through the years.  It was a very popular song during the protest movement of the 1950's, because the theme of the song is about poor people in particular slaves of the 1800's suffering from the miseries of slavery.  It is a song about overcoming depression with the hope of an eternal reward in heaven.  Every group that has performed this song has revised the lyrics in some form or fashion as I have done below.  You can do the same thing.  Give it a try.  This would be a good exercise for you to do in order for you to develop your song writing skills.










It's too late my brothers
It's late, but take no mind.
All---,all my trials Lord, soon be over.

 1.    If heaven' was a thing that money could buy
         The rich would live and the poor would die
        All---, all my trials Lord, soon be over----

2.     I had a little book, 'twas given to me
        On every page read LIBERTY...
        All---, all my trials Lord, soon be over.

3.        Think, my friends, don't you cry
           My Lord judged not, nor do I
           All..all my trials Lord, soon be over.

4.       Cross the Jordan River,   It's chilly and cold....
          Kills the body, but not the soul....
          All---, all my trials Lord, soon be over.


1.  Lyrics and Chords:  PDF File Standard Notation
2.  Melody Line with Chords:  PDF File EZ Notes
3.  Midi File of melodic line:  MIDI
3.  Piano Solo on YouTube - Excellent Arrangement

Notice in the above video the pianist / singer is accompany himself on the piano using piano CHORD PATTERNS with a little bit of the melody inserted here and there.  You can do the same thing.  Just learn simple CHORD PATTERNS designed for beginners.

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