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Hi.....this is John Axsom and let me share with you the best kept secret about playing the piano, and that is learning how to play PIANO  PATTERNS.

Have you ever wondered how some people can play the piano without any sheet music?  The process is quite simple.  The first step is to learn your major and minor chords.  Then later on, learn your dominant 7th chords and then finally learn your extended chords which are used frequently in jazz.  But, you can begin by just learning  two or three major chords.

Once you learn your chords which are pretty easy to learn, then your next step is to learn what to do with these chords.  There are hundreds of things you can do with chords.  You can break them up into chord patterns.  Or, you can play them as solid chord rhythms.  This is exactly what guitar players do.  They either strum the chords with a pick or they play chord patterns by using finger picking patterns, and they do it all without any sheet music.  All guitar players just do this naturally without thinking about it.

But, for some reason, people who play the piano have not fully understood this concept over the years, and as a result, most of them can only play if they have sheet music.

I am here to tell you that you can play the piano in the same way that guitar players do by using chord patterns and rhythm patterns without any sheet music....and....it is actually easier for a piano player to do this than for a guitar player because guitar players have to press down hard on the guitar strings and sometimes they have to really stretch their fingers, but not piano players.

You can learn these easy piano chord patterns starting today.  The cost of the course is only $20.  But, before you make your order, watch a demonstration video on the use of piano patterns.


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75 Basic piano patterns for beginners.  You can download the E-book of the patterns.  Plus each pattern is represented in graphic representation with E-Z notes so that people who have difficulty reading music can learn these patterns easily.  Plus, you will have access to a video demonstration and explanation of each pattern.  Plus,  you will get a midi file of each pattern.  So, in summary, you get the book plus each pattern individually in graphic and audio format, and video format.

Below is an example of just one of the patterns in the basic collection of 75.  When you play the video file make sure that the volume control is up all the way on your Windows Media Player, and make sure your speakers are turned up.

Pattern 15 PDF file

Pattern 15 midi


Pattern 15 video

Remember, you will get each individual pattern in separate pdf file formate, plus midi, plus video....but you will also get the E-book of all the patterns and you can print up the book and make a binder for it. 


When you make your $20 order through PayPal or by using your credit card you will get a collection of 3/4 time piano patterns for beginners.  You will get a special collection of jazz patterns, Latino patterns, and Rock and Roll patterns.  You can use these patterns to help you play keyboard or piano in a praise and worship service.  These patterns can be used in all styles of music:  folk, pop, jazz, gospel, rock, country, and even classical.

Plus you will get a collection of classical piano music in the EZ music format that allows you to read music very easily because the name of each note is written in the head of the note.  Now you will be able to figure out how to play Moonlight Sonata and Fur Elisa and many other famous classical songs with the greatest of ease.



COST - $20
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When you click on the Green Cart Below, you will be directed to my sheet music store where you can make your purchase with PayPal or your credit card once you are completed with PayPal then PayPal will instantly send you the PDF document with the active links to all of the Piano Patterns.  Then you can download and print up all of the patterns plus much more.



If you bought all of these materials in a music store it would cost you hundreds of dollars.  But, you can't find these materials in music stores.  Nobody has written a book such as mine with easy to learn piano patterns that can be used to accompany yourself as you sing or accompany others as they sing or accompany instrumentalists.  Piano patterns can also be used to create a piano solo where you insert the melody into the pattern itself.  Piano patterns can be used as intros and endings to songs.  They can be used as fill-ins for ad-libing.  THIS IS THE SECRET OF PLAYING PIANO.



John Axsom